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We provide a full range of services:
  • FREE no obligation quote: We offer you a free consultation at your home to survey the room and discuss your requirements. We will then provide you with a fixed quotaion.
  • Preparation work involving tile removal, bathroom removal, latexing (smoothing of the floor), plasterboard or plywood fitting where required.
  • Plastering and painting of walls and woodwork to complete the job.
  • Sealing of natural stone prior to laying to prevent staining and ensure longevity. 
  • We supply quality brand tile adhesive and grout. 
  • Installation of electrical under tile heating, including electrical connection to the mains by a fully qualified part p registered electrician.

Swindon Tiler    Swindon Wall Tiler     Swindon Floor Tiler    Swindon Kitchen Tiling     Swindon Bathroom Tiling    Swindon Bathroom Installation    
Wiltshire Tiler     Wiltshire Wall Tiler     Wiltshire Floor Tiler     Wiltshire Kitchen Tiling     Wilthire Bathroom Tiling     Wiltshire Bathroom Installation
Gloucestershire Tiler     Gloucestershire Floor Tiler     Gloucestershire Wall Tiler     Gloucestershire Kitchen Tiling     Gloucestershire Bathroom Tiling     Gloucestershire Bathroom Installation Berkshire Tiler     Berkshire Wall Tiler     Berkshire Floor Tiler     Berkshire Bathroom Tiling     Berkshire Bathroom Tiling
Oxfordshire Tiler     Oxfordshire Floor Tiler     Oxfordshire Wall Tiler     Oxfordshire Kitchen Tiling     Oxfordshire Bathroom Tiling
Cotswold Tiler    Cotswold Wall Tiler   Cotswold Floor Tiler   Cotswold Kitchen Tiling   Cotsworld Bathroom Tiling
Southwest Tiler     Southwest Wall Tiler     Southwest Floor Tiler    Southwest Kitchen Tiling     Southwest Bathroom Tiling    Southwest Bathroom Installation

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